Couples Counseling

  • Are you and your partner struggling with the same issues, over and over?

  • Trying to connect but getting further and further apart?

  • Frustrated that the love, intimacy, excitement and ease of the first part of your relationship seems to have dripped away?

These are very common problems, which can be disastrous for the relationship if not addressed early. Most couples wait 6 years before coming to couples counseling for help. The sooner you come for help, the better. However, I have also helped couples who have struggled for decades. My approach is to help you eliminate destructive behaviors, increase positive behaviors and develop an emotionally and physically intimate relationship so you can be both a wonderful team and the best version of yourself.

In order to do this, we will work on your current day problems. However, where people get stuck is in the subconscious realm. Most of my clients are pro-active, smart people. If they could figure out what to do differently with a self-help book, they would have. Our blind spots were created long ago by the patterns and schema we grew up with – both the relationships we observed as well as our own relationship with our primary caretakers and key family members.

In an open, nonjudgmental manner, I will help you and your partner explore your blind spots with compassion and understanding. We will move away from blame. You will begin to understand why and when you react from these blind spots and how to respond effectively instead.