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My goal is to help you achieve lasting, positive change in the shortest time frame possible.

Frequently, with pure “talk therapy,” people know why they have a problem and what they should do differently, but it doesn’t translate into a change in their feelings and behaviors. I utilize the most effective counseling methods, CBT, EMDR, combined with mindfulness and visualization techniques, to facilitate lasting change on a holistic level.

My mission is to help you live a sane and joyful life.

the best way to get started

  • read through the FAQ section below, and then

  • schedule a 20 minute free consultation with me

The consultation can be scheduled via

The client portal can also be used to directly view my calendar and schedule either a 20 minute free consult or an initial appointment. When you enter the portal and choose “New Client”, you will see a scheduler. The second drop down will say “Norwalk Office.” For a video call, change this to “Video Office” and you will be given the options to schedule a 20 minute video call. This system does require a credit card for scheduling. If you are scheduling the free consult, you obviously won’t be charged! But if you would like to avoid entering that info, please use one of the methods listed above to reach me!



what are your office hours?

Monday through Thursday, 9am – 5pm.

how much does it cost and what form of payment do you accept?

I accept cash, checks, credit cards, HSA cards or FSA cards.

My rate is $250 per session. Sessions are 50 minutes long.

Substance abuse evaluations cost $400 for the initial session, which lasts one and one-half hours.

do you accept insurance?

I am purposefully not part of any managed care panels, because of the limitations insurance companies place on providers and consumers. I do have an electronic system to submit claims to your carrier, if you have out-of-network coverage (if you are reimbursed, and how much, completely depends on your plan).

how often will we meet and over what time frame?

My goal is to help you achieve lasting, positive change over the shortest time frame possible. During our first session, we will assess the initial frequency of visits, and an approximate time frame. Typically, we would meet once per week, but this may vary depending on your needs. For people who are motivated or in crisis, meeting twice a week for a shorter period may make sense. Sometimes, clients also need to take some time off from therapy to integrate what they have learned, and then restart when they are ready.

are services confidential?

Services are confidential, to the fullest extent of the law.

where are you located?

My comfortable, confidential and convenient office is located just off I-95 (Exit 16, East Avenue): 108 East Avenue, 2nd Floor, Norwalk, CT. I am convenient to Stamford, Westport, Weston, Wilton, New Canaan, Darien, Fairfield, and other Fairfield County towns. I also have clients who travel from White Plains and Westchester County as well as New Haven County.

how does video therapy work?

My online system has an integrated video system which works very much like Skype or Zoom. It is HIPAA compliant, so it is a confidential portal through which to have a therapy system. This is a convenient option for people who live far away. It can also be used occasionally by “in-person” clients when they have a work or family conflict which prevents them from coming in person.

I live out of state. Can I still work with you?

If you live out of state but can travel to my office for therapy, we can definitely work together. However, I can not provide psychotherapy via video to someone who lives out of state. If you live out of state and too far away to come in person, please contact me regarding coaching services.

online scheduling system and automatic appointment reminder

I have an online scheduling system and automatic appointment reminders. This operates via the client portal, an easy to use system which will enable us to communicate in a confidential (HIPAA compliant) manner.


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