You Are ALREADY Mindful


Truly. Each and every human is mindful and aware. These are natural abilities of the mind.

The degree to which we are mindful and aware can differ greatly. Both within us and amongst us. But, we are already mindful and aware.

Meditation and mindfulness practices are, just that, practices, that help us develop and extend the qualities of mindfulness and non-judgmental awareness.

Today, try noticing something of natural beauty. It could be visual, a beautiful flower, or aural, a piece of music or a bird’s song. Take a few moments longer than usual to breathe in the beauty. Try to suspend judgment and thought for just a moment, although this may be hard. If there is a dialogue running in your head as you try this, you can make an attempt to suspend your thinking and judgmental thoughts and focus on the sensory experience. Just be aware. This is mindfulness and awareness.

If you notice that you can not suspend the thoughts or judgments for even a millisecond, just be aware. That is also mindfulness and awareness. And a practice may be to see if you can suspend your thinking and judgments about not being able to suspend your thinking and judgments

Mindfulness, CBTJosh Neimark