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About Mindful Psychotherapy

With compassion, acceptance and a warm sense of humor, I help clients clarify their vision

for their lives and take the steps to manifest that vision. I specialize in helping people recover from trauma and anxiety, improve their relationships and navigate difficult life transitions.

I founded Mindful Psychotherapy, LLC in 2007 to provide people with the best-researched, most effective therapy techniques, in order to help them improve as quickly as possible. My practice has been very successful, and I am very grateful to the numerous clients who have come through my door, trusted me with their innermost feelings, and done the work to transform their lives.

This past year, I have decided to embark on a new venture, while maintaining my existing therapy practice.

I am creating online courses to bring the best of CBT, EMDR and mindfulness to people in a low-cost, efficient manner in order to help them improve their lives. 

These courses can be utilized in conjunction with therapy or on a self-help basis. I will be utilizing these courses with existing clients, so they can do more work outside of the therapy session if they choose, and thereby lower the cost and improve the efficiency of therapy.

for those who are interested, my bio:

Barbara has a BA from Yale University, an MBA from Columbia University and an MSW from Southern Connecticut State University. She is an EMDR Approved Consultant, and provides supervision to other therapists learning EMDR. She is also an expert in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for anxiety, and trauma-informed CBT for trauma. Barbara has been meditating for over twenty-five years, and she integrates mindfulness meditation and visualization into her therapy. Barbara has studied meditation in Buddhist, Hindu and Shamanic traditions.

Barbara was the Executive Director of the Domestic Violence Crisis Center in Fairfield County, CT from 2003-2007. In her first career, Barbara spent sixteen years in Investment Banking, primarily in Mergers & Acquisitions for Salomon Brothers and Merrill Lynch.