To Be In The Opposite of a Hurry...Is Soul-Satisfying

Our souls need time to just be. No doing. No rushing.

Letting go of the focus on time allows ourselves to be fully immersed in the moment.

This has not always comes naturally to me. Born into a second generation immigrant family, with a focus on work, school and success, I grew up a ‘human doing.’

Thirty years ago, I began my journey to be a being, to just be, to fully be. Meditation and mindfulness practices were integral to this journey.

My new favorite “opposite of a hurry” activity is floating in an inner tube on the creek near my house. As the tide goes out, the creek gently carries me to the Long Island Sound. I can’t rush the process. I can barely steer.

I can soak up the sun and sky and water and feel supported by Mother Nature. This, this is good for my soul.

Spend some time today “in the opposite of a rush”! :)

Barbara Heffernan