•  Are you feeling tortured by your anxiety?

  • Having panic attacks which strike out of the blue?

  • Worrying all the time?

  • Stressed, unhappy, overwhelmed, unable to keep up?

Living with lots of anxiety, stress or worry is extremely painful.

Sometimes it can feel that life isn't even worth living.

Sometimes people feel "This is just the way I am! I can't change it!"

But that is not true. You do not need to live this way.

Help is available.

The right therapy is highly effective for anxiety.

Yes, you can recover and never have another panic attack!

You can recover and stop worrying about everything all the time!

During your first appointment, we will look into whether you experience anxiety mostly "somatically" - in the body (sweating, heart rate, tense muscles, etc) - or "cognitively" - thoughts - or both. Depending on how your anxiety manifests, we will come up with a plan for your therapy so you achieve maximum results in a limited amount of time.

Anxiety responds extremely well to therapy. In particular, the most effective techniques include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and EMDR. I have extensive training in all these techniques. Most people can recover from therapy without any medication. Certain types of anxiety (OCD, social anxiety) may benefit from the use of medication, and we can discuss that as well. However, most people can recover without any medication at all.

I use a combination of the most effective techniques to help people recover from anxiety, panic attacks, generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, social anxiety, hypochondria, and specific phobias, including agoraphobia and constant worry about one's health.

You can email or call me to schedule an appointment.


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